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Vaše znanje tujega jezika je na ravni C1/C2

Jezik: English
Vrsta izobraževanja: Seminar for translators
Število ur: 6*
Velikost skupine: -
Termin: petek, 14. 12. 2018, 9.00 - 15.00
Lokacija: Veris d.o.o., Stegne 7, 1000 Ljubljana
Začetek: petek, 14. 12. 2018, 9.00
Cena z DDV: 175,00 EUR

* pedagoške ure (1 pedagoška ura je 45 minut)


  • Posameznikom (fizičnim osebam in s. p.) priznamo 15-odstotni popust.
  • Za dve osebi iz istega podjetja priznamo 5-odstotni popust, za tri ali več pa vsem dodatni 10-odstotni popust.
  • Študentom, upokojencem in brezposelnim priznamo 30-odstotni popust.
Popusti se med seboj ne seštevajo.


This seminar uses a variety of authentic texts to presents common English translation errors in context. The subject areas covered include politics, finance, geography, medicine, statistics, and history, but the errors could be encountered in any field. The texts examined were created by Slovenian translators and other professionals, and they offer insight into the most frequent translation mistakes that English copyeditors correct.

The topics covered include a variety of vocabulary issues (common false friends, persistent mistranslations, and culturally specific problems), common conjunction errors, punctuation issues (cultural conventions and a review of comma and dash usage), format and layout choices that differ between Slovenian and English, troublesome capitalization patterns, resolving ambiguous patterns in English through targeted searches, and some persistent geographical issues. The exercises focus on general issues that apply to most translated texts, and not on field-specific technical vocabulary.

The material for the seminar will be made available to the participants in advance so that they have the option to make corrections themselves. As the problems are discussed, the participants are welcome to ask for details regarding the grammar or general patterns behind any of the issues, and the lecturer can offer a short discussion of any of these topics to refresh participants’ familiarity with them.

The course will be in English.


dr. Donald Reindl

Donald Reindl received his PhD in 2005 from Indiana University (Bloomington). He has taught at the Department of Translation at the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Arts since 2001, with courses ranging from introductory translation for first-year students to specialized translation topics (technical topics, business, politics, and tourism) for masters’ students. He is also involved in the department’s interpreting program. His work experience has included political and cultural analysis for The Economist Intelligence Unit (London, 2003–2006) and Radio Free Europe (Prague, 2001–2004) and teaching business English at the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Economics (2001–2006). He primarily translates from Slovenian and German to English. He specializes in translating linguistics, history, culture, and geography, and he has published a number of articles on Slovenian linguistics. He has owned and operated the translation company DEKS d.o.o. since 2007.

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