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Jezik: English
Vrsta izobraževanja: Seminar for translators
Število ur: 6*
Velikost skupine: -
Termin: četrtek, 5. 3. 2015, 9.00 - 15.00
Lokacija: Veris d. o. o. , Stegne 7, 1000 Ljubljana
Začetek: četrtek, 5. 3. 2015, 9.00
Cena z DDV: 175,00 EUR

* pedagoške ure

“To Err is Human – fixing the common mistakes writers and translators make”
(Smart people learn from their mistakes. But the real sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others.    ― Brandon Mull)


In my experience translators have excellent grammar, but the Perfect Tenses are difficult for Slovenes because there is no real equivalent – the Present Perfect tense especially carries subtle layers of meaning to native speakers. We will explore their use in different contexts, and consider, for example, the difference between ‘The company invested in new infrastructure in 2014.’and ‘The company has invested in new infrastructure in 2014.’

We will also consider punctuation – the rules of English punctuation are different from those of Slovene, and the comma in particular can cause problems. Punctuation can change the whole meaning of a sentence; how might you punctuate this, for example? “A woman without her man is nothing.” Come to the course to get the answer!

Other topics include a revision of some of the most common mistakes in numbers and dates, capital letters, another cause of problems for Slovene translators (and something that I have to change in almost every text!), and organisation and lists – how to manage very long sentences and lists of information by using appropriate punctuation.

Finally, you can share with me a walk through a proof-reader’s day, which covers assorted issues, easily confused words, etc that don’t fit into any particular category – for example, possessives, ensure/assure, and how to translate ponudba.

Course participants are invited to send me any particular questions or issues they may have, at least one week before the course.


Justina Marie Carey has worked with the English language for more than 30 years, as a speech and language therapist in the UK, and as a teacher and proof-reader in Slovenia since 2002. She has worked with all ages from pre-school to adults, and has proof-read many different types of texts, both translated and written by non-native speakers.

Justi has taught young people in the Slovene school system at both primary and secondary level, and adults in groups and individually, within companies and privately. Her emphasis is on clear explanations and examples, coupled where appropriate with humour and stories from a British viewpoint. She believes people learn best when they are interested, and always tries to engage her students in a friendly way, to aid the learning process.

In spite of the extremely high standard and quality of Slovene translators, the vast vocabulary and complex grammar of English means that it is difficult even for qualified translators to do a really good job. Over the years of proofreading all types of text, Justi has found that the same mistakes keep coming up, which gave her the idea of giving a course to help translators fix some of those mistakes. It has been well received by those who have attended, and she is looking forward to the opportunity to share these ideas with a wider group.

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