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Jezik: English
Vrsta izobraževanja: Seminar for translators
Število ur: 6*
Velikost skupine: -
Termin: četrtek, 12. 11. 2015, 9.00 - 15.00
Lokacija: Veris d. o. o. , Stegne 7, 1000 Ljubljana
Začetek: četrtek, 12. 11. 2015, 9.00
Cena z DDV: 175,00 EUR

* pedagoške ure
Seminar bo potekal v angleščini.


All translators want to make the fewest grammar errors possible—but are often uncertain whether a particular issue is a grammar error or how to correct it. This seminar treats grammar errors in English translations from the broadest perspective: from the basic building blocks of punctuation and morphology to the higher levels of stylistics and cultural conventions. Grammatical issues are analyzed and explained from three perspectives: translation itself, copyediting, and linguistics.

A pragmatic approach is used: based on years of experience in correcting English translations, the focus is on the most frequent errors encountered, with tips for how to anticipate problems and solve them. In addition to the perspective of a native English speaker and professional copyeditor, clear linguistic explanations of principles and solutions are offered—and not vague statements like “because it sounds better” or “because that’s the way it is.” Along the way, participants are encouraged to ask for more detail on any aspect.

Issues are covered from a contrastive perspective with Slovenian, and include selected problems in orthography (punctuation, diacritics, emphasis), morphology (denominal adjectives, plural modifiers), syntax or word order (articles, ellipsis, proper name structure, participial advancement, gerund use, deviations in marked texts), semantics (geographical and institutional names, false friends), lexicon (polysemy, register), stylistics (nosism, pleonasm, indirectness), and cultural conventions (academic titles, obfuscated language, excess precision). The discussion also highlights how consistency and naturalness are often more important in an English text than the rigid pursuit of a particular rule.

In additional to the practical examples discussed, a large number of topic-specific worksheets are provided with a range of real-life errors for the participants to correct. Many examples are taken from texts by professional translators, which are especially useful in highlighting challenging grammatical problems that the most accomplished translators continue to encounter.

The seminar also presents a number of resources that translators can consult when dealing with grammatical issues, including both traditional print resources and innovative online solutions.


dr. Donald Reindl
Donald Reindl received his PhD in 2005 from Indiana University (Bloomington). He has taught at the Department of Translation at the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Arts since 2001, with courses ranging from introductory translation for first-year students to specialized translation topics (technical topics, business, politics, and tourism) for masters’ students. He is also involved in the department’s interpreting program. His work experience has included political and cultural analysis for The Economist Intelligence Unit (London, 2003–2006) and Radio Free Europe (Prague, 2001–2004) and teaching business English at the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Economics (2001–2006). He primarily translates from Slovenian and German to English. He specializes in translating linguistics, history, culture, and geography, and he has published a number of articles on Slovenian linguistics. He has owned and operated the translation company DEKS d.o.o. since 2007.

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