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Vaše znanje tujega jezika je na ravni C1/C2

Jezik: English
Vrsta izobraževanja: Seminar for translators
Število ur: 6*
Velikost skupine: -
Termin: četrtek, 20. 4. 2017, 9.00 - 15.00
Lokacija: Veris d.o.o., Stegne 7, 1000 Ljubljana
Začetek: četrtek, 20. 4. 2017, 9.00
Cena z DDV: 175,00 EUR

* pedagoške ure (1 pedagoška ura je 45 minut)


  • Posameznikom (fizičnim osebam in s. p.) priznamo 15-odstotni popust.
  • Za dve osebi iz istega podjetja priznamo 5-odstotni popust, za tri ali več pa vsem dodatni 10-odstotni popust.
  • Študentom, upokojencem in brezposelnim priznamo 30-odstotni popust. Popusti se med seboj ne seštevajo.


This seminar will draw primarily on texts by Slovenian authors and translators that I have worked on over the years to highlight a number of common errors encountered. Areas covered will include capitalization, punctuation, word order, and word choice. I will begin by providing general tips for improving translations. Special attention will then be given to the following topics:
  • relative clauses and relative pronouns;
  • translating Slovenian toponyms and other proper nouns;
  • using articles and prepositions; and
  • choosing the right word.
Time permitting, we will look at the principles of the Plain English Campaign and try applying them to selected texts of Slovenian origin.


Jean McCollister has over three decades of experience as a translator from Slovene to English, language editor, and teacher of English as a foreign or second language.  Her academic background lies in linguistics as well as natural and social sciences. In addition to giving seminars to professional translators, she teaches English to children with the help of her border collie Bamm Bamm, a certified therapy dog. She lives in small village in the Karst region of Slovenia with Bamm Bamm and two other dogs.

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