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Vaše znanje tujega jezika je na ravni C1/C2

Jezik: English
Vrsta izobraževanja: Seminar for translators
Število ur: 6
Velikost skupine: -
Termin: četrtek, 17. 05. 2012, 9.30 - 15.30
Lokacija: Veris d.o.o., Stegne 7, 1000 Ljubljana
Začetek: 17. 05. 2012, 9.30
Cena z DDV: 200,00 EUR*

*Za zgodnje prijave (vsaj tri tedne pred izvedbo seminarja) priznamo 5-odstotni popust. Posameznikom (fizičnim osebam in s. p.) priznamo 15-odstotni popust. Za dve osebi iz istega podjetja priznamo 5-odstotni popust, za tri ali več pa vsem dodatni 10-odstotni popust. Študentom in brezposelnim priznamo 30-odstotni popust. Popusti se med seboj ne seštevajo.


This seminar will devote two hours each to three separate topics that often pose difficulties for translators. Any of the three could also be the focus for a full-day seminar on its own; should there be demand for a more in-depth treatment of any particular topic, that can perhaps be offered at a future seminar.

1.    Articles

Often my language editing of translations which are already of very good quality consists mainly of inserting appropriate articles where needed. In this session we will go over some general rules for use of articles in English, followed by practical exercises.

2.    Punctuation

Punctuation conventions in English and Slovene differ, and in a translation from Slovene to English it is important to follow the punctuation rules for the latter, not the former. In this session I will draw attention to some common errors and their corrected forms, and provide opportunities for practice.

3.    Troublesome words

This session will draw on material from a regularly updated file I call “Slovene words I hate to translate.”  These are words and phrases such as ponudba, nosilec, pojav, namreč, gre za and many others which do not have a single equivalent word in English, but rather require different and often creative solutions depending on the context. I often see them translated literally, and inappropriately, on websites, public signs and notices, and in publications. I will share some of these examples, and my own solutions from texts I’ve translated, and invite you to come up with some yourself in practical exercises.

Predavanje bo potekalo v angleškem jeziku.


Jean McCollister has more than 25 years of translating and teaching experience and quite a few university degrees.  However, she completely lacks the courage and confidence to translate into a language which is not her mother tongue, and is quite impressed by those who do manage to do it, like the people signing up for this seminar.  She is the executive director as well as sole employee of Motivum Language Services, headquartered in a tiny village in the Karst region of Slovenia, where she also resides, in a house shared by two and a half dogs.

šifra: A90
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