Seminars for Translators

Being a translator is a complex vocation and therefore one for which training does not end once you have received a university degree. It requires constant improvement, and updating of one's language skills and knowledge in a wide array of areas of expertise, including law, economics, IT and similar. The winners can only be those who care to invest in their knowledge more than others and make it a priority to keep pace with the times and the changes taking place in the use of language and in the profession itself.

Professional Seminars for Translators

At Veris we organise professional seminars for translators focusing on
  • various fields of expertise (legal, economics, IT, translation and linguistics)
  • different languages (English, German, French, Italian, Slovenian).
Seminars are conducted by experienced professional translators and experts from different professions. The most important criterion in the selection of lecturers is their professional competence. The seminars are intended for those who wish to acquire practical information and useful knowledge, so they feature a workshop where the participants can actively participate and exchange their ideas and experience.

Using the WORDFAST Translation Tool

Nowadays, computer aided translation tools have become necessary equipment for translators. They help you save time, increase efficiency and guarantee the quality and consistency of your translations. WORDFAST is an extremely handy translation tool; it’s easy to install and use, so you won't have any problems making it a part of your work process.

Seminars on the computer assisted translation tools WORDFAST Classic and WORDFAST Professional are organised several times a year. Join us and learn how to use them; get to know the wide range of tools that will make your job easier!
Seminar Number of lessons Date and time Price (VAT inclusive)