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Slovene – Slovenian for Foreigners

I'm an absolute beginner / I have forgotten almost everything

Language Slovene
Type of instruction: Slovenian for foreigners
Number of lessons: 75
Group size: 4 - 6
Date and time: Upon agreement
Location: Veris d.o.o., Stegne 7, 1000 Ljubljana
Start date: Upon agreement
VAT inclusive base price: 528,00 EUR

Who is the Slovenian for Foreigners course intended for?

The course is designed especially for foreigners who live and work in Slovenia but lack basic knowledge of the Slovenian language or those who want to improve their knowledge of Slovenian. The prerequisite for the course is at least passive knowledge of English, German or Croatian, Serbian or Bosnian languages. Special courses are organised for foreign speakers who don't speak any of the listed languages (e.g. for Chinese speakers who don't speak English, German or French). The courses are based on the program established by the Centre for Slovene as a Second/Foreign Language.

The Slovenian for Foreigners course is also suitable for all those who need an official Certificate of Slovene as a Foreign/Second Language in order to:
  • practise their profession,
  • enrol in a higher education institution in Slovenia,
  • obtain Slovenian citizenship.

Description of the Slovenian for Foreigners course – elementary level

Participants get to know basic language structures and vocabulary. Emphasis is on staging everyday situations in places such as a restaurant, bar, hotel, bus or train station, market place, congress hall and airport. You will learn to introduce yourself (explain where you come from, offer your name, address, marital status, sex, details of birth, age, nationality, language, education, profession and similar), greet people, express thanks, say goodbye and agree on a next meeting or date, introduce your family members, order food and drinks in a restaurant and buy groceries, write a letter to a friend, recognise objects from everyday life (at home, in a shop, hotel), tell the time and date, describe your leisure activities and work day and use numbers.

Slovene courses

My existing knowledge Type of course Number of lessons Date and time Price (VAT inclusive) Your message (your wishes and needs)
I'm an absolute beginner / I have forgotten almost everything Slovenian for Foreigners 75 Upon agreement 528,00 EUR apply
- Slovenian for Foreigners, One-to-one course Upon agreement Upon agreement - apply