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Why Arabic?

Do you like to spend your holidays in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco or other Arabic speaking countries? Speaking Arabic will no doubt come in handy whether you’re haggling in those famous markets or seeing the fascinating sights and making new friends.

The Arab world is forging ever stronger economic ties with Europe and employees who speak Arabic have become highly valued. Gain new knowledge and take the first step on the way to success!

Arabic courses

My wishes/needs Type of course Number of lessons Date and time Price (VAT inclusive) Your message (your wishes and needs)
I want a more flexible group course Mini group 45 upon agreement 385,00 EUR apply
I want to make progress fast and efficiently One-to-One Course upon agreement upon agreement 27,80 EUR per academic hour apply
I want a flexible course at a good price Two-to-One Arabic Course upon agreement upon agreement 15,00 EUR per academic hour per person apply
**Price per academic hour for a general and business course: EUR 32 (VAT inclusive); price per academic hour for a specialised terminology course: EUR 35 (VAT inclusive)