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(terms and conditions applicable from 12 January 2015)

1. The language course provider undertakes to:
  • carry out the language course which is the subject of this Agreement;
  • make sure that the lessons are given in a professional manner;
  • check the course participants' knowledge upon the conclusion of the language course at the regular time and day of the course for the relevant group and issue a corresponding certificate on a successfully completed course (but only insofar as all of the course participant's obligations have been settled in full). The course participant shall receive the certificate at the end of the course or shall collect it personally from the provider.

2. The provider of the education program reserves the right to change the timetable (day and hour) of the language course which is the subject of registration or to delay the beginning of the course.

3. The Provider reserves the right to cancel the course due to insufficient enrolment. In such a case any tuition fees that have already been paid shall be refunded without interest. At the course participants' request the course can be organised even when the number of participants is fewer than the minimum number normally required for the course. In this case the number of lessons shall be reduced proportionately or the price of the course shall increase in agreement with course participants.

4. If the number of the participants in the group decreases during the course (to less than the minimum number of participants for the course to be carried out), the provider reserves the right to reduce the number of lessons for the course or to increase the price.

5. If the professor cancels the scheduled course he/she shall be obliged to make up for the missing lesson. If a delay occurs due to multiple cancellations during the course, the group shall agree on an additional make up lesson that can be scheduled at a different time and day than is usual.
6. With his/her registration the learner undertakes to settle the tuition fee according to the terms and conditions laid down in the price list or according to the terms and conditions in the offer (in the latter case, the number and date of the offer must be indicated in the 'type of course' field).
This shall apply also in the event that the learner ceases to attend the course, unless he/she can prove with a certificate that he/she has been unable to attend the course for more than 30 days due to his/her illness/accident or a serious illness/accident in the family. In this case the provider shall charge organisational costs in the amount of EUR 40 and a proportionate number of lessons carried out from the beginning to the cancellation of the course.

7. The learner shall not be entitled to reimbursement of tuition fees for unattended classes.

8. According to the Consumer Protection Act the learner has the right to withdraw from registration with a written notice within 15 days from the date of registration.

9. The payment for the textbook and workbook ordered from the learning provider must be settled in full even in the event of withdrawal from the registration.
10. The tuition fee must be paid in one instalment until the due date listed on the invoice.

11. The tuition fee is not transferable to another person or the next semester.

12. If the learner is unable to attend any classes he/she shall inform the course provider thereof at least one day prior to his/her absence or else he/she shall be held responsible for any costs that might occur due to such failure to notify the provider.

13. Any disputes shall be settled by the Local Court of Ljubljana.

14. With his/her signature the learner allows the use of his/her electronic address for the sending of information related to the activity of Veris language studio.

We wish you the best of results in your language learning and hope you will enjoy attending our course. We are always here for you if you have any suggestions, ideas, information or requests.

I agree with the conditions and obligations resulting from my applying to the course.