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Veris d.o.o.
Stegne 7
1000 Ljubljana

Administration office and translation department
phone:   01 500 05 70

Education department and marketing
phone:   01 500 05 79


For many years now, Veris has provided translations of the highest quality, as well as interpretation, editing and proofreading services for the government, ministries, European institutions and companies in and beyond Slovenia.

Most of our language courses are organised in companies for professional purposes, from the beginner level to specialised courses for the more specific needs of company management.

The list of our clients includes the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, ministries, Government Office for European Affairs, Association of Free Trade Unions of Slovenia, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, Administration Academy, public institute Slovenian Accreditation, Supreme State Prosecutor's Office, State Attorney's Office, the National Assembly, Association of Tourist Farms of Slovenia, the “Jožef Štefan” Institute, Bled School of Management, Institute for Economic Research, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Administration, Slovenian Tourist Board, DITP Ljubljana (Pulp and Paper Engineers and Technicians Association),  ZAPS (Slovenian Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning); and on the corporate side, ITEO d.d., Creativ d.o.o., Esotech d.d., Termo d.d., Imp Klima d.o.o., Volksbank – Ljudska banka d.d., Revoz d.d., Lek d.d., Krka d.d., NLB d.d., Transglob d.o.o., Shell Adria d.d., Bisnode d.o.o., ITEM d.o.o., ZDIS, Avtoprevozništvo Mušič Marko S.L., Renault Nissan Slovenia d.o.o., Avto aktiv d.o.o., BUTAN PLIN d.d., Visit d.o.o., Egosij d.o.o., Imago d.o.o., Kovis d.o.o., Advise d.o.o., Rudnidis d.o.o, AMZS, Mikro sistemi d.o.o., Studio Moderna d.o.o. Beyond Slovenian borders: the Commission of the European Communities, the Council of Ministers, the European Parliament, Committee of the Regions, European Economic and Social Committee,  European Court of Auditors, companies Kern Paris, Tetras Bratislava, ISO-Translation, Lenze, Szegeda Ubersetzungen, Astra Zagreb d.d., Eurologos Milano, Saint Gobain, Keune + Nagel and more.

Veris thanks these companies and organisations for their fine cooperation and the confidence and trust they show us.